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The 10 Richest People in Louisiana

Here is the list of the richest people in Louisiana, their net worth and how they made their money.



Richest people in the Louisiana

Who are the richest people in Louisiana?

In the state known for its lively culture and vibrant communities, a number of business tycoons and company executives have found tremendous financial success.

Louisiana has bred its share of millionaires and billionaires over the years, as home to major ports and a hub of petrochemical refining and production.

The 10 richest people in Louisiana have accumulated vast fortunes. The list includes those who built their empires in the oil and gas industry to individuals who leveraged inherited wealth into further riches.

But who tops the list as the Pelican State’s wealthiest people? How did these business moguls amass their wealth?

As we explore the stories behind the 10 richest Louisiana residents ranked by their net worth, we’ll gain insight into the state’s economy and premier industries.

We’ll also learn about some lucrative investments and companies that turned small wealth into billionaire status for a lucky few Louisiana natives and transplant residents.

The 10 Richest People in Louisiana

Looking for who and who occupies the top stops in the list of the richest people in Louisiana? If that’s what you’re looking for, then this article will uncover to you the highest earners in the Pelican state.

1. Matt Stuller – $7 Billion

Matt Stuller is the richest person in Louisiana with a net worth of $7 billion.

Stuller made his fortune as founder and CEO of Stuller Inc., a major manufacturer and distributor of jewelry and jewelry supplies based in Lafayette.

Stuller founded the company in 1970 at the age of 20, initially operating out of a screened-in back porch before moving into a modest 1,200 square foot building.  Stuller built his startup into an industry giant and one of the largest jewelry suppliers in the world.

Stuller Inc. Now occupies a sprawling 600,000 square foot headquarters and distribution complex and brings in $700 million in annual revenue with over 1,500 employees. Though Stuller stepped down as CEO in 2016, he still serves as chairman of the board and is the sole owner of the highly successful company that made him Louisiana’s richest resident.

It’s interesting to know that Stuller maintains a relatively low public profile. He is known locally for his generous philanthropy, donating millions to various educational, arts, healthcare, and economic development causes in Acadiana over the years.

2. Bill Goldring – $3.9 Billion 

Bill Goldring ranks as the 2nd wealthiest person in Louisiana. He has an estimated net worth of $3.9 billion to earn this rank.

Goldring has made his immense fortune as majority owner of Sazerac Company, a large privately held spirits conglomerate based in Metairie that produces many iconic alcohol brands. As chairman of Sazerac, Goldring oversees a spirits empire that generates over $1 billion in annual revenue.

Goldring first invested in Sazerac in 1989 when it was a struggling company near bankruptcy. Since then, he has helped transform it into one of the fastest growing and most profitable liquor companies in America today.

Now 71 years old, the billionaire businessman still actively leads Sazerac in securing its position as a power player in the thriving global spirits trade.

3. Gayle Benson – $3.4 Billion

Gayle Benson is the owner of both the New Orleans Saints NFL team and New Orleans Pelicans NBA team, which has brought the 73-year-old’s net worth to a formidable $3.4 billion. This makes her the 3rd most wealthy person in the state of Louisiana.

Benson inherited ownership of the Saints and Pelicans after the 2018 death of her husband Tom Benson. The Louisiana native has earned respect for her loyalty, business savvy, and dedication to the community.

Away from sports, Benson continues to oversee an extensive portfolio of automotive dealerships and real estate holdings accumulated by her late husband. She remains very involved in top-level management decisions that impact the bottom line.

In summary, Gayle Benson’s fortune is likely to grow even larger over time as the owner of two major professional teams. 

4. Avram Glazer – $1 Billion

Avram Glazer is a billionaire member of the Glazer family who have owned the Manchester United soccer club since 2005.

Avram maintains a $1 billion net worth as his share of the family’s business interests which include sports franchises, real estate holdings, and more.

Glazer inherited a business empire from late father Malcolm Glazer which included substantial ownership of the NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers as well as majority control of Manchester United in a highly-leveraged $1.5 billion deal. Manchester United remains one of the most lucrative franchises in all of sports today, driving massive revenues from ticket sales, merchandise, sponsorships and more.

Away from sports, Avram Glazer maintains a range of investments in oil and gas companies, commercial real estate ventures, equities and more. While he maintains a very low public profile, his share of the family’s business dealings contributes toward making him one of Louisiana’s few billionaires.

5. Tyler Perry – $1 Billion

The renowned actor, director and screenwriter Tyler Perry has built a rich entertainment empire. He has amassed a $1 billion personal fortune that makes him Louisiana’s 5th most prosperous resident.

Perry first achieved widespread fame portraying outspoken character Madea in a string of very successful films. But he has expanded far beyond that, writing, directing and producing dozens of hit movies. The media mogul owns a 330-acre movie studio complex located just outside of Atlanta.

Tyler Perry certainly hasn’t forgotten his roots as he has leveraged his creative talents to achieve remarkable financial rewards as one of America’s highest-paid and commercially successful producers.

6. Ellen DeGeneres – $370 Million

Ellen DeGeneres is one of the most well-known and popular TV hosts and comedians in America. Ellen has built an entertainment career spanning over 30 years that has brought her estimated net worth to $370 million. She is currently the 6th richest celebrity from Louisiana.

Ellen got her start in stand-up comedy back in 1981 before landing her own sitcom called “Ellen” in 1994. The show was a hit and made her a household name, though only lasted until 1998. Ellen has also hosted the Oscars, Emmys and countless other awards ceremonies.

Never afraid to take on new challenges, Ellen learned tennis and returned to stand-up comedy in recent years as well.

7. Peyton Manning – $250 Million

Star NFL quarterback Peyton Manning made nearly a quarter billion dollars during his illustrious career on the gridiron. Since retiring, various lucrative endorsements and business investments have helped Manning maintain elite financial status.

Manning was drafted #1 overall in 1998 by the Indianapolis Colts where over the next 14 seasons he cemented his legacy as one of the greatest passers in pro football history.  Manning has proven just as successful in the business world beyond football.

Having just turned 46 years old, Manning’s business prowess and enduring popularity ensures his $250 million fortune won’t be diminishing anytime soon.  

8. Lil Wayne – $150 Million   

Lil Wayne is one of music’s biggest stars over the past two decades. He has sold over 120 million records worldwide fueled by his clever lyrics, unique vocal style and sheer output of new music. With an estimated $150 million net worth, the Louisiana native ranks as one of the wealthiest figures in hip hop.

Lil Wayne got signed to Cash Money Records fresh out of high school in 1995, joining forces with fellow rapper Birdman. 

Lil Wayne also founded Young Money Entertainment which features artists Drake and Nicki Minaj. With over 20 years in rap now, Lil Wayne has chronicled incredible highs and lows in his music including struggles with addiction, money woes with record labels and brushes with death.

9. Todd Graves – $150 Million

Native Louisianan Todd Graves turned a $50,000 startup loan into a hugely successful fast food chain called Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers that now serves customers across dozens of states. Graves conceived the original idea for Raising Cane’s as a student at LSU, opening the first location near campus in 1996 featuring a simple but effective menu centered around quality chicken strips.

The company directly employs over 30,000 people today with many drawn to Graves’ vision emphasizing positive community engagement.

One thing about Todd Graves is that he maintains a lower public profile than most CEOs. 

10. Bryan Christopher Williams (Birdman) – $125 Million

Prominent rap star and record company executive Bryan “Birdman” Williams completes this list of the top ten richest people in Louisiana.

The singer has used both his musical talents and business savvy to amass a $125 million net worth, placing him as the 10th most prosperous master in his home state of Louisiana. 

Birdman’s greater fortune has come from the rapid expansion of Cash Money thanks in large part to his leadership and A&R skills.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about the richest people in Louisiana:

How many billionaires are there in Louisiana?

There are about 5 billionaires living in Louisiana: Matt Stuller, Bill Goldring, Gayle Benson, Tyler Perry and Avram Glazer. Their net worths range from $1 billion for Glazer up to $7 billion for Stuller, who is the wealthiest resident in the state.

Who is the richest man in the state of Louisiana? 

The richest man in Louisiana is Matt Stuller with an estimated net worth of $7 billion dollars. Stuller founded and runs the large jewelry supply company Stuller Inc. Which generates around $700 million in annual revenues.

How many millionaires are in Louisiana?

Current estimates put the number of millionaires living in Louisiana at around 46,500 people or just under 1% of the state’s population. Their total combined wealth comes out to around $175 billion.

Which parish has the most millionaires in Louisiana?

Orleans Parish is home to the most millionaires in Louisiana by a wide margin. With around 8,000 millionaire households, Orleans Parish contains almost double the amount of the next highest parish. This is largely due to New Orleans dominating the state’s banking, shipping, tourism and oil/gas industries which have produced significant pockets of prosperity and wealth.

Who are some of the most famous wealthy people from Louisiana?

Well known wealthy people from the state include musician Lil Wayne, talk show host Ellen Degeneres, NFL quarterback Peyton Manning, and movie producer Tyler Perry among others.

What businesses are the richest Louisianans involved in?

Many have gotten wealthy from founding companies in the retail, energy, banking, and entertainment industries or by owning Louisiana sports teams like the New Orleans Saints or Pelicans.

How much money do you need to be considered rich in Louisiana?

While subjective, most experts define being rich in Louisiana as having a net worth of over $1 million in assets excluding one’s primary home.


The stories behind Louisiana’s wealthiest citizens are as diverse as the state itself, from oil heirs like Gayle Benson to self-made billionaires like Ellen DeGeneres. Yet certain industries like oil, gas, and petrochemicals have clearly bred success for several names on the list.

These 10 richest residents have secured their place as the state’s premiere group of billionaires and multi-millionaires though profits as well as inheritance. They have fortunes largely tied up to companies and assets centered on Louisiana’s economic strengths

For anyone striving toward the upper echelons of wealth, the roadmap starts right here in the Pelican State.


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