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The 10 Richest People in Alabama



Richest People in Alabama

In the U.S., Alabama is one of the states that has a fast-growing economy. This is due to the improvements in their business sector, health services, educational sector, and tourism. According to statistics, there has been an increase in the number of rich persons, up to 7.9% in Alabama. That means we can be rest assured that millionaires and billionaires are living in Alabama. Care to know? In this article, we will unveil the 10 Richest People in Alabama and their net worth. Let’s go.

In response to the question, how many billionaires are in Alabama? Here is a list of the 10 richest people in Alabama including millionaires and billionaires.

The 10 Richest People in Alabama

The names of the richest people in Alabama and their net worth.

10. Brian Wiatrak – $1.1 million

Brian Wiatrak may not be a popular name in the U.S. but he is recognized in the state of Alabama. He is one of the many millionaires there. He works in the Children of Alabama non-profit organization.

However, it is reported that he earns a base salary of $516,716 annually which is accompanied by a compensation of $1.1 million. This figure makes him one of the top wage earners in Alabama.

Additionally, he has also been Castle Connolly Top Doctor since 2014. He specializes in airway lesions, laryngotracheal reconstruction, head and neck masses, and much more, to become one of the wealthiest people in Alabama.

9. Brian Richardson – $1.3 million

Dr. Brian Richardson holds the esteemed position as the ninth wealthiest individual in Alabama. He earns a base salary of $546,369 annually which contributes to a total yearly compensation of $1.25 million.

Although precise figures regarding his net worth remain elusive online, Richardson’s steady income solidifies his status as one of the state’s highest-earning residents. He works at the esteemed Jackson Hospital and Clinic and has over two decades of experience in the medical field.

With his level of expertise, Richardson consistently earned high praise from his patients. If you ask me, there’s nothing better than earning money and receiving accolades at the same time.

8. Clark Christianson – $1.3 million

Clark Christianson is the president and CEO of Providence Hospital. He stands shoulder to shoulder in terms of wealth with Dr. Brian Richardson who is also in the medical field.

Christianson’s annual income which is about a base pay of $403,517 has helped him to stay among the wealthiest men in Alabama. He boasts an estimated net worth of $1.3 million.

Additionally, his contributions have fortified Providence Hospital as a reliable solution for health challenges. This has increased his popularity and status among the communities across Alabama.

7. D. Mark Nix – $1.4 million

D. Mark Nix holds the 7th position as one of the millionaires in Alabama. He’s the president and CEO of Infirmary Health Systems INC. The base salary he earns is mouth-watering and it amounts to $689,173, with an added compensation of $1.36 million annually.

However, the healthcare center is located in most of the world in about 11 countries. But it still has its head office in Alabama, catering for over 6000 people living in the city. You can now see why D. Mark Nix earns as much as he does. For the record,  Nix joined the company in 1987 and I’m certain he’s one of the happiest there, having achieved the position he now sits on.

Additionally, Nix is an accountant by the books. He got his accounting degree from the prestigious University of Alabama. That has also earned him collaborations with other international organizations. And of course, he earns from them too.

6. Jason Swanner – $1.4 million

Standing next is another medical practitioner who this time is not a CEO but a surgeon named Dr. Jason Swanner.  He works at the University of Alabama Ophthalmology. He’s the director of operations there. Dr Jason earns a base salary of $1.2 million with a total compensation of $1.36 million yearly.

He’s a professional surgeon and handles problems such as glaucoma, anterior segment, and cataract surgery. He is loved by the people for his work but that doesn’t mean he works for free. He’s being paid every penny he deserves.  That leaves him as one of the richest men in Alabama.

About his education, Dr Alabama graduated from Samford University in 1994. But as a core Alabama resident, he thought it wise to continue his education. He graduated from the University of South Alabama College of Medicine in 1998. No wonder he’s so good at what he does.

5. Isaac William Ferniany – $1.5 million

On the fifth spot of the 10 richest people in Alabama is  Isaac William Ferniany. He was the CEO of the University of Alabama at Birmingham Health System. Due to his age in service, he retired in 2021. He served in the school for 13 years before his retirement. But as one can never retire from educating others, he still serves as a Dean in the school. He earns a base pay of $649,247 accompanied by a total compensation of $1.48 million yearly.

Before this, Isaac served in multiple places,  working across different organizations. Notably, he has worked in the medical field and that was in the late 1970s. Again before emerging as the CEO of AUB, he was the Chief Executive Officer of the University of Mississippi Med Center.

However, his contributions to these fields over the years have earned him accolades. Not only that, He has been awarded and recognized in different categories. Dr. Isaac is fully loaded in terms of his worth and he deserves this position on our list.

4. John O’Neil – $2 million

John O’niel is a man who works very hard for his pay cheque. He is currently the President and Chief Operating Officer of St. Vincent’s Health System. At this facility, he earns a whooping base salary of

$420,615 accompanied by a compensation of $1.95 million annually.

Did you know that he ventured into the healthcare industry when he was 24 years old? That’s right. Before this, John worked for a car company called Caterpillar. Here, he sold car parts and car insurance just to keep up with the challenges of life.

Well, his story may not be elaborately described but it shows hard work and commitment.  One that has left a mark, and is an an inspiration to young people living in the state of Alabama.

3. James W. Rane – $1.2B

Welcome James W. Rame as the first billionaire on our list of the 10 richest people in Alabama. He has a net worth of $1.2B which is about a 90% increase from our 4th contender. He is the owner and founder of Great Southern Wood Preserving Inc. As the name implies, his company makes wood and they carry out the services of decking, fencing, and other treated lumber projects.

In Alabama, James is nicknamed the “Yella Fella”. This is because of the alter ego he uses when making advertisements for his company. When he started his company, it was valued at $22,000. But now due to his hard work and commitment, James has turned it into a 9 figure business. He earns over a billion dollars yearly.

Well in his early beginnings, he was not this rich. He was working in his family’s fence post manufacturing company. The company was a small one and shortly after, James took over. In his leadership, he ensured that 15 plants were built. This has also contributed to his net worth.

At some point, James wealth increased rapidly and he was even bigger than

the late Gary Drummond. Gary had a net worth of $900,000 at the time he was alive. But now, it is $600, 000. Well, that’s a story for another day. The fact remains that James surpassed his net worth then and is still earning massively today. His story is an inspiration to many in Alabama and even to the world at large.

2. Raymond, John, and Marguerite Harbert ($6.6 billion divided and total split yet unknown

The Harbert family are residents of Mountain Brook which is the richest city in Alabama. The family comprises John and Marguerite Harbert and their 3 children— Raymond, John, and Marguerite. Sadly for the children, their parents have passed on. But they have left a fat sum of $6 billion. With the greed that comes along with money, the children start fighting each other. Several lawsuits were filed and most of the matter was settled in the courtroom.

However, the final verdict on the disbursement of the funds was not public, it was settled indoors. Till today, it is difficult to pinpoint who got the greater share. More so, with that amount available, it is easy to conclude that each of them got away with more than a billion dollars.

After some years of this drama, Marguerite who is the richest woman in Alabama had to sue her brother again. This time she was complaining that Raymond was mismanaging the estates that their parents left behind. There’s no record of how the case went, but I’m sure Raymond was called to order.

As per their lifestyle, they don’t reveal much to the public. Each of them has decided to live off the cameras. I think they are all enjoying the money they inherited.

1. James Stephens, Elton Stephens, Jane Comer, Dell S Brooke – $4 billion

The Stephens are the richest family in Alabama. They own a company which is called EBSCO. It is an acronym for Elton B. Stephens CO. Their activities include information services, outdoor products, manufacturing, general services, publishing services, and real estate. The company was started by Elton B Stephens in 1944. He is the father to James Stephens, Elton Stephens, Jane Comer, and Dell S Brooke.

At first, the company wasn’t worth much when he started. But his son James Stephens helped him, to make the company a multi-billion company. When Elton passed in 2005, James became the new CEO of the company. Of course, he knows what the job is all about.  Through his leadership, James has employed over 6000 workers across the globe. The increase in workers has further improved the reach of their services.

However, James Stephens has also inherited the larger portion of his father’s wealth of $4 million. Added to the one he made already, he’s now the richest man in Alabama. The inheritance has also been shared with his siblings. Doe their portions have not been disclosed by any major source. But all the same, they are a wonderful family and they take the number one spot on the list of the 10 richest people In Alabama.


In conclusion, the richest people in Alabama are mostly medical experts. The medical profession is working quite well. However, not all of them are in this field. But they are all similar in one aspect and that is hard work. All these millionaires and billionaires have put in enough work to get to where they are today. They have set a footprint for anyone who wishes to be like them. And I better hope that is you.


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