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Top 10 Companies that Hire Transcriptionists



Companies that Hire Transcriptionists

Are you looking to kickstart a career in transcription? In today’s digital age, there are numerous opportunities for transcriptionists to work remotely, offering flexibility and a chance to hone your typing skills while earning an income. In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 companies that actively hire transcriptionists.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced transcriptionist, these companies provide a gateway to start or further your career in the transcription field. Let’s dive into the world of transcription and discover the companies that offer fantastic opportunities for those looking to transcribe and type their way to success!

Basic Requirements to Become a Transcriptionist

Becoming a transcriptionist can be an exciting venture for those interested in typing and good listening skills. Here are the five basic requirements to kickstart your journey:

1. Typing Speed: Having a decent typing speed, usually around 50-80 words per minute, is advantageous.

2. Good Listening Skills: A transcriptionist needs to be able to understand different accents and tones, so strong listening abilities are key.

3. Accuracy: Attention to detail is crucial as accuracy in transcribing audio into text is essential for the job.

4. Equipment: Access to a computer, transcription software, and good-quality headphones is necessary for efficient work.

5. Training or Experience: While not always required, completing a transcription course or having related experience can be beneficial to boost your skills in this field.

Top 10 Companies that Hire Transcriptionists

Below are the top 10 companies that hire transcriptionists. They include:

1) TranscribeMe

TranscribeMe is a great platform for those seeking transcription work. It provides opportunities for both new and experienced transcribers. The company employs a unique system where audio files are divided into small sections and distributed among transcribers, making it an excellent starting point for beginners.

The flexibility in choosing assignments and working hours is a plus for those with varying schedules. To get started with TranscribeMe, individuals need to pass a short exam demonstrating their transcription skills. This exam is not too difficult, but it’s essential to follow guidelines carefully.

Transcribers can work from anywhere with an internet connection, which adds to the convenience. Overall, TranscribeMe is a fantastic option for anyone looking to start a career in transcription, offering a user-friendly platform and a supportive community.

2) Speechpad

Speechpad is another reputable company that regularly hires transcriptionists. They offer various transcription services, from converting audio to text, transcribing video content, and providing captioning for different media. One advantage of Speechpad is the diversity of available tasks, enabling transcribers to choose projects aligned with their interests and skills.

The application process at Speechpad involves passing a grammar and transcription test. Once accepted, transcribers have access to a dashboard where they can select tasks based on their preferences. Payment rates vary depending on the complexity and length of the transcription job.

For individuals seeking a range of transcription work opportunities and fair compensation, Speechpad can be a valuable platform to consider.

3) Quicktate

Quicktate is a company known for its transcription services, catering to various industries, including legal, medical, and general transcription needs. The platform offers flexibility in work hours, allowing individuals to choose assignments that suit their schedules. While Quicktate doesn’t require experience to apply, having good listening skills and typing accuracy are essential.

To become a transcriptionist at Quicktate, applicants need to pass a test demonstrating their ability to transcribe accurately and quickly. Once accepted, transcribers gain access to available jobs through the online portal. Quicktate’s user-friendly interface and relatively straightforward application process make it an accessible option for those looking to start their transcription career, even without prior experience in the field.

4) Rev

Rev is a well-known company in the transcription industry, offering a range of transcription and captioning services. It’s a popular choice for many aspiring transcriptionists due to its user-friendly platform and a consistent flow of available work. The platform caters to beginners and experienced transcribers alike, allowing individuals to select tasks based on their skill levels and interests.

To join Rev as a transcriptionist, applicants need to pass a grammar and transcription test. This test evaluates one’s ability to accurately transcribe audio and video files. Rev provides the flexibility to work from home, making it an ideal choice for those looking for part-time or full-time work. With its straightforward application process and steady workflow, Rev stands out as a reliable platform for those eager to venture into the world of transcription.

5) GoTranscript

GoTranscript is another reputable company that provides transcription services for a diverse range of content, including interviews, lectures, podcasts, and more. One of the appealing aspects of GoTranscript is its accessible application process, allowing individuals to sign up and start working relatively quickly. The platform is open to both beginners and experienced transcriptionists, offering a chance to select tasks based on their proficiency and interests.

Prospective transcribers at GoTranscript undergo a short test to evaluate their transcription skills. Once approved, they gain access to available transcription jobs through the online portal. The platform’s flexibility in choosing assignments and working hours makes it a popular choice for those looking for transcription opportunities. GoTranscript’s ease of use and diverse range of available tasks make it an attractive option for individuals looking to kickstart their transcription career.

6) BabbleType

BabbleType is a company that specializes in transcription services, particularly in the market research and academic fields. While they primarily focus on these industries, they do offer a range of transcription work for beginners and seasoned transcribers. The application process involves a grammar and transcription test to assess the applicant’s skills before being able to access available jobs.

BabbleType’s assignments cover a variety of content, including interviews, focus groups, and academic research, offering an opportunity to transcribe different types of materials. The platform allows for flexibility in working hours, which is beneficial for those with varying schedules. For individuals interested in a platform that provides diverse transcription tasks in market research and academia, BabbleType is a platform worth considering to begin or further a career in transcription.

7) Scribie

Scribie is a platform that offers transcription services across various industries and caters to both beginners and experienced transcribers. The application process involves a transcription test to assess one’s capability to transcribe accurately. Once approved, transcribers gain access to a wide range of audio and video files, giving them the flexibility to choose tasks that suit their skill level and preferences.

The platform’s user-friendly interface and clear guidelines make it an excellent starting point for those new to transcription. Scribie’s pay rates are structured based on the length and complexity of the transcription tasks, providing an opportunity for individuals to earn according to the work completed. With its straightforward application process and flexible work options, Scribie is an attractive option for those seeking opportunities in the transcription field.

8) 3Play Media

3Play Media is a reputable company that offers transcription and captioning services, focusing on video content across various industries. The platform is known for its commitment to accuracy and quality in transcriptions. To join 3Play Media as a transcriptionist, applicants go through a screening process that includes grammar and transcription tests.

The platform provides transcribers with a wide array of video content, offering flexibility in choosing tasks that align with their skills and interests. With a focus on providing high-quality transcriptions, 3Play Media is a preferred option for those who value accuracy and have an interest in working on video transcription projects.

9) Way With Words

Way With Words is a transcription company known for providing services in multiple languages and various industries. The platform welcomes both beginners and experienced transcribers, offering tasks ranging from business and legal transcriptions to academic and general content. Prospective transcribers undergo a selection process that involves a test to evaluate their transcription skills.

The platform’s diverse range of transcription tasks and the ability to work in different languages make it an attractive choice for individuals seeking variety in their transcription work. Way With Words’ commitment to accuracy and quality in transcriptions, along with its multilingual opportunities, positions it as an excellent platform for those looking for a diverse and challenging transcription experience.

10) Pioneer Transcription

Pioneer Transcription is a company specializing in various types of transcription services, such as legal, medical, and general transcriptions. The platform caters to both experienced and novice transcribers, offering tasks that cover a broad spectrum of industries. The application process involves a transcription test to assess the applicant’s transcription skills.

Pioneer Transcription’s assignments span different fields, providing a chance for transcribers to choose tasks that suit their expertise. The platform’s commitment to quality and its array of transcription opportunities make it a suitable choice for individuals looking to delve into or expand their transcription careers across various industries.

Alternative Ways Transcriptionists can Make Money

Transcriptionists have various opportunities beyond traditional roles. Here are five alternative ways they can earn:

1. Captioning Videos: Some transcriptionists also specialize in creating subtitles or captions for videos to make content more accessible.

2. Transcribing Meetings or Events: They can transcribe live events, meetings, or conferences, providing valuable services to businesses and organizations.

3. Podcast Transcription: Transcribing podcasts helps creators in reaching wider audiences by making their content searchable and accessible.

4. Academic Transcription: Some transcriptionists work with researchers, transcribing interviews or lectures for academic purposes.

5. Legal Transcription: Specializing in transcribing legal documents or court proceedings offers a niche area for transcriptionists to earn money in the legal field.


In conclusion, the world of transcription offers a multitude of opportunities for those interested in typing, listening, and transcribing. The companies we’ve explored in this article provide a platform for both beginners and seasoned transcriptionists to find remote work, flexibility, and a chance to refine their skills.

Remember, as you venture into this field, keep practicing, enhancing your accuracy and speed, and keep an eye on these top companies and other emerging opportunities in the transcription industry. Whether you are typing for a side hustle or pursuing a full-time career, the world of transcription is full of potential for those ready to listen, type, and thrive in this dynamic and evolving field.


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