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The 10 Richest Scientists in the World

In this post you will be informed about the richest scientists in the world and their net worth.



Richest Scientists in the World

Who are some of the wealthiest scientists in the world?

Science may not seem like a path to riches, but some researchers, inventors, and entrepreneurs have made vast fortunes from their scientific work and discoveries. There are certain scientists who stand out for accumulating impressive wealth from pioneering computer and technology innovators to biotech trailblazers.

But how did they do it?

Often, the scientists who make the most money are also some of the most influential innovators of their time. These scientists were able to profit enormously from their ingenious ideas by founding groundbreaking companies, patenting key inventions, or investing early in new technologies. Though brilliant scientific minds don’t always translate to business savvy, some scientists possess both traits.

Who made the list of the world’s scientific elite as of 2024? Let’s explore the fascinating mix of brains and business behind the 10 richest scientists on the planet.

The 10 Richest Scientists in the World

Who are those rich doctors and scientists in the world? This article will uncover the top ten richest scientists currently:

1. James Watson – The Father of DNA ($20 Billion)

James Watson maintains his place as the richest scientist in the world.

Watson is arguably known as the father of DNA in the world. He is the co-discoverer of the double-helix structure of DNA along with Francis Crick, for which they were awarded the 1962 Nobel Prize in Physiology. Their discovery unlocked the secrets of genetics and revolutionized molecular biology. After a sparkling academic career at top universities like Indiana, Cambridge, and Harvard, Watson went on to direct the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory for over 35 years. His bestselling book “The Double Helix” chronicled the race to discover the structure of DNA.

Watson amassed his $20 billion fortune mainly from his share of royalty payments from technologies enabled by the discovery of DNA’s structure. As understanding of genetics advanced, DNA analysis became crucial in fields like criminal justice, medicine, anthropology and biotechnology. Every genetic test, therapy, or crime solving technique owes its origin to Watson, Crick and Franklin’s pioneering work.

Watson has donated a share of his wealth to academic institutions. He founded scholarship programs at the University of Chicago and Indiana University.

However, Watson has courted controversy in the past decades with uncommented remarks on race, gender and genetics. At 90, he continues to support research and education in genetics and molecular biology.

2. James Dyson – The Vacuum Billionaire ($9.7 Billion) 

James Dyson is a British inventor and industrial designer best known as the inventor of the Dual Cyclone bagless vacuum cleaner.

Dyson was frustrated with the diminishing suction of vacuum cleaners with dust bags, and he set out to invent a superior vacuum cleaner. After many prototypes, he perfected the technology of cyclone separators that churn air to remove dust and debris without loss of suction.

Dyson became a billion dollar global enterprise by leveraging his technology across vacuum cleaners, heaters, hair dryers and air purifiers. The company spends heavily on R&D and intends to develop solid state electric vehicle batteries and other technologies.

Dyson promotes STEM education by supporting various educational causes like the James Dyson Foundation. His net worth stands at $9.7 billion, based mainly on ownership of Dyson Ltd.

3. Ronda Stryker – The Medical Equipment Heiress ($8.1 Billion) 

Ronda Stryker is a billionaire heiress who inherited her wealth as a controlling stakeholder of the medical equipment firm Stryker Corporation. Her grandfather Homer Stryker, an orthopedic surgeon, founded the company in 1941. Based in Michigan, Stryker Corporation specializes in joint replacements, trauma surgery systems, neuro and spine treatment solutions.

As Chair of Stryker Corporation, Ronda Stryker oversees over $17 billion in company assets and annual sales exceeding $5 billion. She owns slightly under 25% of the firm’s stock.

Stryker donates toward healthcare programs and community initiatives through her family foundations. Her net worth of $8.1 billion places her among the wealthiest women entrepreneurs in America. While not a scientist herself, her wealth originates from medical instruments that save and improve patients’ lives every day.

4. Gordon Moore – Silicon Valley’s Tech Visionary ($7.5 Billion)

Gordon Moore is an American businessman and co-founder of Intel Corporation along with Robert Noyce. In 1965, Moore wrote a prophetic article predicting that computing power would double every year. This forecast became the guiding principle of the semiconductor industry’s progress known popularly as Moore’s Law.

Moore was President and CEO in the critical early years of Intel. He led the company from startup to over $20 billion in annual revenues by the time he retired. Moore formulated strategies that shaped the incredible growth of semiconductors.

Gordon and his wife Betty have donated over $1 billion to educational, scientific and environmental non-profits via the Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation. Gordon’s vision and technological leadership has made him an iconic figure. His current net worth is over $7.5 billion. Moore’s name will be etched in history as the man who set the pace for our digital future.

5. Gayle Cook – The Medical Devices Trailblazer ($5.8 Billion)

Gayle Cook is an investor and philanthropist who co-founded Cook Group Incorporated along with her late husband William Cook. Headquartered in Indiana, Cook Group manufactures medical devices for minimally invasive surgery across specializations like reproductive health, endovascular therapies and gastrointestinal treatments.

Gayle Cook currently serves on the board of Cook Group, which generates over $2 billion in annual revenues across 150 companies in 40 countries. Her husband William Cook pioneered many medical device technologies during the 60s and 70s. Gayle took over the reins in the 90s and now manages the family business with their children.

The Cook Group promotes local community initiatives in Indiana besides global philanthropy. With innovative minimally invasive devices, they have improved patient outcomes while catalyzing a multibillion dollar industry. Gayle Cook’s estimated net worth is $5.8 billion, placing her among the most affluent women in America’s Midwest.

6. Xie Liangzhi – The King of Traditional Chinese Medicine ($4.1 Billion) 

Xie Liangzhi is the founder, Chairman and majority owner of Wolong Holding Group, China’s largest traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) company.

Xie began manufacturing Chinese health supplements after earning a masters in medicine from Hubei College of TCM in the 80s. He popularized niche TCM products for liver and kidney ailments using modern quality control.

Xie expanded Wolong into a leading healthcare brand in the 1990s. Its flagship injectable drug Danshen has dominated the liver disease market for over 25 years. Wolong also exports over 100 high-quality products to Europe and ASEAN regions. Besides hospitals, Wolong retails skin-care oils, teas and herbal formulations through specialty outlets. 

In less than 4 decades, Xie has established Wolong as a $7 billion healthcare empire employing over 6000 people. His wealth stems from majority ownership and stock grants in Wolong Group.

7. Ugur Sahin – Pioneer of mRNA Vaccines ($3.8 Billion)

Ugur Sahin is a Turkish-German professor, immunologist and co-founder of BioNTech. This is the company which co-developed the pioneering mRNA vaccine for COVID-19 with Pfizer. Sahin earned an M.D. from Cologne University before researching immunotherapy for cancer.

Sahin co-founded BioNTech to leverage mRNA molecules for cancer immunotherapies. mRNA (messenger RNA) carries genetic code from DNA to cells to produce proteins. 

When COVID-19 emerged, BioNTech pivoted to the pandemic and co-developed an mRNA vaccine with record 95% effectiveness. Sahin’s technology helped save millions of lives among 175 countries which have approved the Pfizer shot. BioNTech clocked revenue exceeding $7 billion within months in 2021. mRNA vaccines promise to revolutionize prevention and treatment for cancer, malaria and autoimmune conditions.

Sahin holds around $3.6 billion in company stock as CEO of BioNTech.

8. Carl Hansen – Bringing Biotech Drugs For All ($3 Billion) 

Carl Hansen is a Danish scientist turned serial entrepreneur, most known for co-founding AbCellera, a biotech company developing antibodies asdiagnostic tests and drug candidates. Hansen earned a Ph.D. in Microbiology before working on genome mining technologies at Pfizer and Celera Genomics.

In 2012, Hansen founded AbCellera to build technology rapidly identifying rare, highly functional antibodies in natural immune systems. Today, AbCellera screens over 5 million immune cells daily in search of antibodies. When COVID-19 arrived, AbCellera isolated therapeutic antibodies from an infected patient in just 14 days! 

In 2020, AbCellera co-developed bamlanivimab for COVID treatment in record time and minimal costs. The company went public at a $5.5 billion valuation while raising $500 million. 

Hansen holds close to $3 billion in AbCellera stock as CEO and co-founder owning 25% of shares. By accelerating biotech drug development at lower costs than Big Pharma, he aims to bring therapeutic antibodies within reach of all patients.  

9. Hao Hong – Robotics Visionary ($2.5 billion) 

Hao Hong is co-founder and CEO of Credo Technology Group, a semiconductor company making advanced electronic components.

Hao studied Physics in Singapore before moving to the University of Texas for graduate studies. He worked at several Silicon Valley startups including Marvell Semiconductor in the 1990s.

In 2008, Hong founded Credo Semiconductor designing communication circuits for data infrastructure. Credo delivered industry-first innovations like single chip SERDES and 56G PAM4 technology well ahead of competitors. Their chips transmit huge volumes of data at hyperscale speeds across networks and data centers.

In 2021, Credo Semiconductor listed on NASDAQ via a SPAC deal at a $1.3 billion valuation. Within a year, booming data growth has boosted Credo’s value above $5 billion. Hao owns roughly half the company’s shares, placing his net worth close to $2.5 billion.

10. Rajendra Agarwal – India’s Ophthalmic Instrument Magnate ($2.5 Billion)  

Rajendra Agarwal is an Indian entrepreneur and founder of Dr. Agarwal’s Group of Eye Hospitals. He obtained a civil engineering degree before finding his calling in treating preventable blindness. Agarwal studied ophthalmology in the 1980s when technology was extremely expensive. Upon his father’s advice, he took a bold step to develop indigenous eye care equipment.

In 1994 Rajendra launched Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital in Tamil Nadu using locally produced machines. His hospitals performed quality procedures at one-tenth the usual costs, benefiting thousands of impoverished patients. Ophthalmologists from across India clamored to buy his affordable diagnostic tools, surgical systems and intraocular lenses.

Dr. Agarwal rapidly expanded manufacturing to supply instruments at massive scale across India and overseas. Today his Eye Care Equipment arm clocks $200 million in global sales, funding the expansion of his charitable hospitals. The group also trains specialized medical and support staff to address India’s acute shortage of skilled ophthalmic talent. 

Dr. Agarwal has built one of the world’s largest eye care chains with 75 hospitals treating over 2.5 million patients yearly. His $2.5 billion fortune results from frugal manufacturing driving high quality and volumes in ophthalmic devices and services.


The 10 scientists profiled here achieved wealth by converting specialized research into real-world innovations that impacted millions of lives. They founded startups or led established companies to capture the value of their technological breakthroughs via patents, products and market share.

Most on the list leveraged curiosity-driven academic research into clinical solutions improving healthcare and household comfort.

The career stories of these top ten richest scientists in the world will hopefully inspire future generations to probe the mysteries of science and dare to transform them to become future billionaires.


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