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The 10 Richest Female YouTubers in the World



Richest Female YouTubers in the World

In a digital landscape often dominated by male counterparts, the realm of YouTube boasts a league of powerhouse female entrepreneurs who have not only mastered their craft but have also achieved significant financial success. This list unfolds the stories of the top 10 richest female YouTubers globally, who are currently making waves in the online world.

Beyond the captivating beauty tutorials and fashion hauls, these women have leveraged their platforms to diversify their ventures, securing brand deals, hosting TV shows, and even establishing their own lines of cosmetics.

Join us in exploring the inspiring journeys and financial triumphs of these influential female creators who are redefining success in the ever-evolving landscape of digital content creation.

The 10 Richest Female YouTubers in the World Now

The table below shows the list of the top 10 richest female YouTubers in the world now:

1.Huda Kattan$560 million
2.Emma Chamberlain$22 million
3.Lilly Singh$20 million
4.Tati Westbrook$12 million
5.Rosanna Pansino$9 million
6.Jenna Mourey$8 million
7.Liza Koshy$6 million
8.Nikkie de Jager$6 million
9.Zoe Sugg$4 million
10.Tana Mongeau$4 million
List of Richest Female YouTubers in the World

1) Huda Kattan ($560 million)

Huda Kattan, born on October 2, 1983, in Oklahoma, USA, is a makeup artist and beauty mogul who has transformed her passion into a global empire. Early in her life, Huda developed a love for makeup, and this interest eventually led her to start her YouTube channel in 2010. Her makeup tutorials and beauty tips quickly gained popularity, laying the foundation for her successful career. Beyond YouTube, Huda launched her own makeup brand, Huda Beauty, in 2013, which has since become a powerhouse in the beauty industry.

Her net worth of $560 million stems from the immense success of Huda Beauty, which has garnered a massive following. Additionally, Huda has diversified her income through brand collaborations, endorsements, and a reality TV show. In her personal life, Huda is married and is a mother of two. Her journey from a YouTube makeup artist to the founder of a billion-dollar beauty brand showcases the entrepreneurial opportunities that can arise from one’s passion for beauty and a dedicated online presence.

2) Emma Chamberlain ($22 million)

Emma Chamberlain, born on May 22, 2001, in San Bruno, California, rose to fame as a vlogger with her authentic and relatable content. Beginning her YouTube journey in 2018, Emma’s candid approach to sharing her life, humor, and experiences resonated with a vast audience. Emma’s early life involved a fascination with video editing, and she discovered her unique style that set her apart in the YouTube landscape. Her quick rise to prominence led to partnerships with major brands and collaborations with other influencers.

Emma Chamberlain’s remarkable net worth of $22 million comes not only from her YouTube success but also from brand endorsements, podcasting, and fashion collaborations. She has worked with renowned brands, including Louis Vuitton, and Calvin Klein. In her personal life, Emma keeps a relatively private profile, focusing on her creative endeavors. Her podcast, Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain, further expanded her reach and allowed her to connect with her audience on a more intimate level.

3) Lilly Singh ($20 million)

Lilly Singh, born on September 26, 1988, in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, made her mark on YouTube as “Superwoman” with her energetic and comedic videos. Starting her YouTube career in 2010, Lilly’s humor, relatability, and positive energy quickly garnered a massive following. Her early life involved a passion for performing and a desire to spread positivity. In addition to her YouTube success, Lilly has diversified her career by becoming an author, actress, and late-night television host.

Lilly Singh’s net worth of $20 million is a result of her multifaceted career, including YouTube success, book sales, and hosting NBC’s late-night talk show, “A Little Late with Lilly Singh.” Beyond her digital ventures, Lilly has worked on major films, written a bestselling book, and actively engages in philanthropy. In her personal life, Lilly is known for her advocacy for inclusivity and mental health awareness. She also made history as the first openly bisexual woman of color to host a late-night talk show on a major television network.

4) Tati Westbrook ($12 million)

Tati Westbrook, born on February 14, 1982, in Seattle, Washington, entered the YouTube scene with her beauty and lifestyle channel, GlamLifeGuru. Beginning her YouTube journey in 2010, Tati’s expertise in makeup and skincare captivated audiences. Her honest product reviews and tutorials earned her a loyal following, establishing her as a trusted beauty influencer. Tati’s early life involved a passion for artistry, and she translated that into a successful YouTube career.

Tati Westbrook’s estimated net worth of $12 million is not only from her YouTube success but also from her beauty brand, Tati Beauty. The launch of her makeup line, known for its innovative and high-quality products, contributed significantly to her overall wealth. In her personal life, Tati has been married and shares glimpses of her life with her audience. Her dedication to providing honest reviews has earned her the trust of millions, and she is often referred to as the “queen of beauty YouTube.”

5) Rosanna Pansino ($9 million)

Rosanna Pansino, born on June 8, 1985, in Seattle, is a YouTube personality known for her baking channel, Nerdy Nummies. Starting her YouTube career in 2011, Rosanna combined her passion for baking and nerdy interests, creating a unique niche on the platform. Her fun and approachable baking tutorials resonated with viewers, turning her into one of the most successful female YouTubers. Rosanna’s early life involved a fascination with both baking and gaming, which she seamlessly merged into her content.

Rosanna Pansino’s astonishing net worth of $9 million stems from her YouTube success, brand collaborations, and her baking product line. She is also the founder of the baking supply line, Ro Baking Company, which offers baking essentials inspired by her channel. In her personal life, Rosanna keeps a private profile but occasionally shares snippets of her life with her fans. She has collaborated with various celebrities and even created custom-themed treats for popular movies and TV shows.

6) Jenna Mourey ($8 million)

Jenna Mourey, professionally known as Jenna Marbles, born on September 15, 1986, in Rochester, New York, became a YouTube sensation with her comedic sketches and vlogs. Starting her channel in 2010, Jenna’s humor and relatable content quickly gained her a massive following. Her early life involved a passion for performing and a love for animals, elements that later became integral to her YouTube persona. Jenna’s authenticity and quirky sense of humor contributed to her rapid rise to fame.

Jenna Mourey’s net worth of $8 million comes not only from her YouTube career but also from podcasting and brand partnerships. Jenna owns a line of dog toys, Kermie Worm & Mr. Marbles, inspired by her beloved pets. In her personal life, Jenna has been in a long-term relationship with fellow YouTuber Julien Solomita. She holds the distinction of being the first female YouTuber to reach 1 billion views on a single video. Despite stepping back from regular content creation, Jenna’s impact on YouTube remains significant.

7) Liza Koshy ($6 million)

Liza Koshy, born on March 31, 1996, in Houston, Texas, rose to YouTube stardom with her infectious humor and charismatic personality. Starting her YouTube journey in 2013, Liza quickly gained traction with her relatable and comedic sketches. Her ability to connect with audiences through laughter propelled her to become one of the richest female YouTubers globally. Beyond YouTube, Liza has ventured into acting, hosting, and producing, showcasing her versatility in the entertainment industry.

Liza’s wealth of $6 million is not only from her YouTube endeavors but also from collaborations, acting roles, and brand partnerships. She owns her own production company, “Liza Koshy Productions,” further expanding her footprint in the entertainment world. In her personal life, Liza has been in high-profile relationships and is known for her positive influence on social media. She hosted the red carpet at the 2018 Met Gala, illustrating her crossover success from content creation to mainstream entertainment.

8) Nikkie de Jager ($6 million)

Nikkie de Jager, born on March 2, 1994, in Wageningen, Netherlands, became a YouTube sensation with her makeup tutorials and vibrant personality. Starting her channel in 2008, Nikkie, also known as NikkieTutorials, garnered a massive following for her makeup expertise and openness about her life. Her journey as a transgender woman further resonated with audiences worldwide. Nikkie’s authenticity and talent catapulted her to the status of one of the richest female YouTubers in the world.

Nikkie de Jager’s net worth of $6 million comes not only from her channel but also from collaborations with major beauty brands and the launch of her own makeup line, “NikkieTutorials Beauty.” Beyond her makeup artistry, Nikkie is an advocate for self-empowerment and inclusivity in the beauty industry. In her personal life, she is happily married and often shares glimpses of her life on social media. Nikkie’s “The Power of Makeup” video went viral, emphasizing the transformative and expressive nature of makeup.

9) Zoe Sugg ($4 million)

Zoe Sugg, born on March 28, 1990, in Wiltshire, UK, gained prominence in the YouTube sphere as “Zoella.” Starting her channel in 2009, Zoe captivated audiences with her lifestyle, beauty, and fashion content. Her down-to-earth personality and relatable content resonated, turning her into one of the most successful female YouTubers. Beyond YouTube, Zoe has authored books, launched beauty products, and created her lifestyle brand, “Zoella,” expanding her influence beyond the digital realm.

Zoe Sugg’s impressive net worth of $4 million stems from her YouTube success, book sales, and entrepreneurial ventures. As a businesswoman, Zoe has created a line of beauty products, home goods, and stationery, contributing to her overall wealth. In her personal life, Zoe is happily married and shares snippets of her life with her audience on social media. Her debut novel, “Girl Online,” broke sales records, highlighting the powerful connection she has with her dedicated and loyal fan base.

10) Tana Mongeau ($4 million)

Tana Mongeau, born on June 24, 1998, in Las Vegas, Nevada, gained fame on YouTube through her candid vlogs and controversial content. Starting her channel in 2015, Tana’s unfiltered approach and openness about her life attracted a large following. Her rise to fame accelerated with her storytimes and vlogs, making her one of the richest female YouTubers. Beyond YouTube, Tana has ventured into music, hosting events, and reality television, showcasing her diverse talents.

Tana Mongeau’s astounding net worth of $4 million is a result of her YouTube success, brand collaborations, and multiple business ventures. She has also launched her own perfume line and hosted the widely publicized “TanaCon” event. In her personal life, Tana has been in the public eye for her relationships, including a high-profile marriage to Jake Paul. Her documentary series, “Tana Turns 21,” on MTV provided an intimate look into her life and gained widespread attention.


As we wrap up our exploration into the lives and successes of the richest female YouTubers, it becomes evident that YouTube has evolved into a powerful platform that not only fosters creativity but also serves as a gateway to financial prosperity. While certain video genres may dominate the profit charts, the beauty of YouTube lies in its accessibility—anyone can embark on the journey of creating content and potentially earn a living through their videos.

The stories of these accomplished YouTubers demonstrate that, with dedication and the right strategies, anyone can carve their space in the digital realm. As social media continues to evolve, offering various avenues to target specific audiences, aspiring content creators have a multitude of opportunities to launch their YouTube channels and potentially become the next top earners. The world of YouTube awaits those willing to share their passion, knowledge, and creativity with the global audience.


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