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Rema Net Worth

What is Rema’s net worth?

Net Worth$2 million
Age23 years
BornMay 1, 2000
Height1.73m (5ft 8in)
Country of OriginNigeria
Source of WealthProfessional Musician
Last UpdatedDecember 13, 2023
Rema’s Profile


Rema, the prodigious Nigerian singer and rapper, has carved a significant niche for himself in the music industry with a net worth estimated at $2 million. His meteoric rise to fame can be traced back to the release of the viral sensation, “Dumebi,” in May 2019—a track that not only captivated audiences globally but impressively amassed more than 65 million views on YouTube.

This marked the inception of a musical journey that caught the attention of industry giants, leading Rema to ink a contract with Jonzing World, an affiliate of the renowned Mavin Records. Undeterred by the weight of expectations, Rema went on to release his self-titled debut EP, further cementing his status as a musical force to be reckoned with.

The spotlight once again found him in August 2022 when he collaborated with Selena Gomez on the revamped version of his track “Calm Down.” The music video, hosted on Selena’s channel, swiftly garnered a staggering 390 million views within just six months of its release. Rema’s journey is a narrative of artistic brilliance, viral triumphs, and collaborations that resonate globally.

Rema Facts

• Rema burst onto the music scene at the tender age of 18, showcasing a prodigious talent that belies his youth.

• Beyond his vocal prowess, Rema is a multi-instrumentalist, adding layers of musicality to his creations.

• His hit single “Iron Man” not only dominated the Nigerian charts but also caught the attention of former U.S. President Barack Obama, who included the track in his summer playlist.

• Rema’s journey to stardom began with signing to Jonzing World, an associate of Mavin Records, underlining his early alliance with industry heavyweights.

• The collaboration with international pop sensation Selena Gomez on “Calm Down” showcased Rema’s ability to transcend cultural and geographical boundaries, marking a pivotal moment in his global musical influence.

Early Life

Rema’s journey to musical stardom is a testament to both his innate talent and resilience. Born Divine Ikubor on May 1, 2000, in Benin City, Nigeria, Rema’s childhood was shaped by a deep love for music. Raised in a modest environment, he exhibited an early passion for singing and stage performance. Rema’s foray into music began as a teenager when he started recording music on his makeshift studio.

His distinct voice and ability to infuse a rich blend of Afrobeat, trap, and alternative sounds quickly set him apart. The breakthrough came with the release of “Dumebi” in 2019, a track that catapulted him to national and international acclaim. Rema’s early life, marked by determination and an unwavering commitment to his craft, laid the foundation for a career that continues to redefine the Nigerian music landscape.


Rema’s career is a meteoric ascent marked by a fusion of raw talent, strategic collaborations, and a distinct musical style that defies traditional boundaries. His breakthrough arrived in May 2019 with the release of the infectious single “Dumebi,” which not only went viral but also accumulated over 65 million views on YouTube. The attention garnered by this track swiftly led to Rema signing with Jonzing World, a pivotal moment that propelled him into the mainstream music scene.

Undeterred by the weight of expectations, Rema’s self-titled debut EP showcased his versatility, seamlessly blending Afrobeat, trap, and R&B influences. His hit single “Iron Man” gained international recognition, even earning a spot on former U.S. President Barack Obama’s summer playlist. Collaborating with global icon Selena Gomez on the remix of “Calm Down” in 2022 marked a significant milestone, highlighting Rema’s expanding global influence.

Personal Life

Despite his rising prominence in the music industry, Rema keeps much of his personal life guarded, offering glimpses into his world through the lens of his music. Born in Benin City, his journey to fame is grounded in a childhood fueled by a deep passion for music. While he shares snippets of his life on social media, he maintains a degree of privacy, allowing his artistry to speak volumes about his experiences and perspectives.

Rema’s personal life, largely shielded from the public eye, adds an air of mystery to his persona, emphasizing a dedication to letting his music be the primary conduit for connecting with his audience. As he navigates the complexities of fame, Rema’s commitment to balancing the personal and the public underscores the authenticity he brings to both his craft and his life beyond the spotlight.

Awards & Achievements

Rema’s meteoric rise in the music industry has been embellished with a constellation of awards and achievements that reflect his impact on the global music scene. Here are five key milestones that illuminate Rema’s extraordinary journey and recognition in the realm of music:

1) BET Awards Nomination (2020): Rema received a nomination for Best International Act at the BET Awards in 2020, marking an early recognition of his global impact.

2) Headies Next Rated Award (2019): The prestigious Headies Next Rated Award in 2019 solidified Rema’s status as one of Nigeria’s most promising talents.

3) Apple Music’s Up Next Artist (2019): Being featured as Apple Music’s Up Next Artist in 2019 provided Rema with a significant platform, amplifying his presence on the international music scene.

4) Soundcity MVP Awards for Best New Artist (2020): Rema clinched the Soundcity MVP Award for Best New Artist in 2020, underscoring his rapid rise and influence in the Nigerian music industry.

5) MTV Africa Music Award for Best Viewers’ Choice (2020): Rema’s impact was further acknowledged with a win for Best Viewers’ Choice at the MTV Africa Music Awards in 2020, reflecting his popularity across the continent.

How Does Rema Spend His Money?

Rema, with a net worth of $2 million, exhibits a discerning taste when it comes to spending, reflecting a blend of luxury and strategic investments. His collection of cars includes a sleek BMW 2 Series Coupe, showcasing a penchant for stylish yet performance-oriented vehicles. In the realm of timepieces, Rema has been spotted with exquisite watches, emphasizing both a flair for high-end accessories and a refined sense of fashion.

While details about his property portfolio remain private, his occasional posts on social media hint at a lifestyle that embraces both comfort and opulence. Rema’s spending choices align with an artist who not only enjoys the finer things in life but also invests wisely. His expenditure underscores a balance between indulgence and strategic wealth management, contributing to the narrative of an artist making intentional choices for both present enjoyment and future security.


In Rema’s extraordinary journey to musical acclaim and global recognition, several highlights and notable moments have defined his career. These pivotal instances underscore his impact on the music industry and his ability to traverse cultural boundaries. Here are five standout moments that have shaped his remarkable trajectory:

1) Breakthrough with “Dumebi” (2019): Rema’s meteoric rise commenced with the release of “Dumebi” in 2019, a single that not only went viral but also amassed millions of views on YouTube, propelling him into the global spotlight.

2) Signing with Jonzing World and Mavin Records (2019): Inking a deal with Jonzing World, an affiliate of Mavin Records, marked a pivotal moment in Rema’s career, as he joined forces with industry heavyweights, setting the stage for future success.

3) Apple Music’s Up Next Artist Feature (2019): Being featured as Apple Music’s Up Next Artist in 2019 elevated Rema’s visibility, providing a platform that catapulted him into the international music scene.

4) International Recognition with “Calm Down” feat. Selena Gomez (2022): Collaborating with global pop sensation Selena Gomez on the revamped version of “Calm Down” in 2022 marked a milestone, underscoring Rema’s expanding influence on the global music stage.

5) Headies Next Rated Award Win (2019): Winning the prestigious Headies Next Rated Award in 2019 solidified Rema’s position as one of Nigeria’s most promising and dynamic musical talents.

Favorite Rema Quotes

Rema has shared insightful and humorous perspectives through various interviews and public appearances. Here are five of his favorite quotes that offer a glimpse into his unique worldview:

1. “I want to use my voice to inspire the young people of Africa.” Rema’s commitment to inspiring the youth of Africa is evident in his vocal advocacy for empowerment and positive change.

2. “I don’t want to be a star. I want to be a legend.” Rema’s aspirations extend beyond mere stardom, reflecting a desire to leave a lasting legacy in the music industry.

3. “I was born into poverty, but I’ll die a legend.” This quote encapsulates Rema’s resilience and determination to transcend his humble beginnings, leaving an indelible mark on the world.

4. “My music is like a canvas, and I’m the artist. I paint my stories.” Rema’s analogy vividly captures his approach to music, where each track serves as a canvas for him to paint the stories of his life and experiences.

5. “I don’t just make music for myself; I make music for everybody.” Rema’s inclusive approach to music highlights his desire to create a universal connection through his art, resonating with diverse audiences around the world.

3 Amazing Lessons from Rema

Rema’s journey in the entertainment industry not only reflects his financial success but also imparts valuable lessons. Here are three amazing lessons we can glean from his career:

1. Embrace Individuality: Rema’s journey underscores the importance of embracing one’s uniqueness and staying true to individuality in a world that often seeks conformity.

2. Resilience in the Face of Challenges: Rema’s rise from modest beginnings to international stardom teaches us the power of resilience and determination, proving that challenges can be stepping stones to success.

3. Global Vision, Local Roots: Rema’s ability to seamlessly blend global sounds with his African roots imparts a valuable lesson on maintaining a global vision while staying connected to one’s cultural heritage, showcasing the richness of diversity in music and life.


Rema has not just created music but an enduring legacy that resonates with a global audience. From the viral success of “Dumebi” to collaborations with international icons like Selena Gomez, Rema’s journey is a testament to his innate talent and strategic vision. His rise through the ranks of the music industry, marked by awards, accolades, and chart-topping hits, reflects the evolving landscape of Afrobeat on the world stage.

As of the latest estimates, Rema’s net worth stands at $2 million, a figure that mirrors not just his financial success but the cultural impact of an artist who has redefined the sound of contemporary African music. What are your thoughts on Rema’s net worth and the profound influence of his musical journey?


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