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The 10 Most Expensive Animals Ever Sold



Most Expensive Animals Ever Sold

Find out the world of animals sold for mind-blowing prices in our list of the “10 most expensive animals ever sold.” This is a special guide for both animal lovers and those interested in the business side of wildlife.

Most times, acquiring the most expensive animal is not always the problem, but the challenge is being able to take good care of it, starting from giving them proper feeding, adequate medical care and good breeding practices.

Before acquiring the most expensive animal ever sold, You should know that it comes with great responsibility and this is why it is of greater importance to seek advice from veterinarians, animal behaviorists, or experts in the field to ensure you are adequately prepared for the responsibilities associated with the specific animal.

10 Most Expensive Animals Ever Sold

Stay with me as I unveil the list of the 10 most expensive animals ever sold, so, let’s get into it. 

1. Racing Horse (Green Monkey, Fusaichi Pegasus)

The “Green Monkey” stands out as one of the expensive racing horses ever sold, but not the most expensive. Born in 2004, Green Monkey was purchased for a staggering $16 million at a two-year-old in training sale in 2006 by Demi O’Byrne, representing Coolmore Stud.

Green Monkey’s high price was encouraged by his prestigious history, being the progeny of top-tier racing bloodlines. The anticipation was that he would have a stellar racing career, adding significant value to his breeding potential. Unfortunately, Green Monkey’s racing performance did not live up to the expectations set by his hefty price tag. 

On the other hand, we also have a horse named Fusaichi Pegasus, who was bought for $70 million in 2000, making it the most expensive horse and animal ever sold. He sired over 1,000 foals, but only a few of them became successful racehorses. His stud fee declined from $150,000 to $7,500 over the years.

2. Albino Ball Python

The Albino Ball Python, Python regius, was first discovered in the wild in West Africa and also one of the 10 most expensive animals ever sold. The albino mutation reduces melanin production, resulting in a snake with distinctive yellow and white coloration. 

The first captive albino ball python was bred in the United States in the early 1990s. In 2010, an albino ball python gained greater attention when it was sold for $40,000. The unique coloration and rarity of albino morphs contribute to their high market value.

As of November 2023, it was sold at $100,000. Albino ball pythons continue to be in demand among reptile lovers, with prices ranging from several hundred to a few thousand dollars based on factors like lineage and color intensity.

 3.  Dog (Cloned Dog – Sir Lancelot Encore and the Tibetan Mastiff) 

The first commercially cloned dog was “Missy” in 2004 by a biotechnology company named Genetic Savings & Clone. The clone was created for a Texas family who paid around $50,000 for the process.

“Sir Lancelot Encore” is an example of one of the most expensive cloned dogs. This cloned dog was born in 2007. Sir Lancelot Encore was cloned by Genetic Savings & Clone for the Hawthorne family in the United States. The cloning process reportedly cost around $165,000.

Cloned dogs are expensive due to the complex and delicate nature of the cloning process. The procedure involves extracting DNA from the original dog, transferring it into a donor egg, and then implanting the embryo into a surrogate mother. This method helps to offer grieving pet owners a chance to replicate their beloved companions.

We also have the “Tibetan Mastiff”, a rare and majestic breed of dog that originated from the nomadic cultures of China, Nepal, and Tibet. In 2014, a one-year-old Tibetan mastiff with an orange-brown coat was sold for $1.95 million in China, making it the most expensive dog ever sold. 

The buyer was a property developer from Qingdao, who wanted to breed the dog himself. Tibetan mastiffs are highly valued in China for their status symbol, loyalty, and protective instincts. They are also considered to be descendants of the mythical snow lion, a symbol of Tibetan culture and Buddhism.

4. Lion Cubs

Do you know that Lion Cubs are also considered one of the most expensive animals ever sold? Yes it is, this is because lions have been a symbol of power and majesty throughout history, and their cubs often attract attention due to their adorable appearance. 

Ownership of lion cubs has historical ties to ancient civilizations where they were kept as symbols of royalty and strength. Sales of lion cubs majorly occur in the black market, at the rate of $140,000. Due to the high demand for lion cubs, they have been sold for high prices, to individuals looking for exotic pets. 

5. Tiger (Panthera Tigris)

Tigers (Panthera tigris) have a long history across Asia. They have been revered and feared in various cultures. Historically, tigers were widespread, but habitat loss and poaching have led to a significant decline in wild populations.

Tigers are also bought and sold at  the black market due to conservation concerns from governmental authority across the world. Most times, they are sold as tiger parts, such as skins and bones, on the black market which the prices ranges from $50,000 to $80,000 depending on the size and selections made. 

The primary reason for the high value of tiger parts is driven by their use in traditional medicine and the exotic pet trade, contributing to the threat of extinction for some tiger subspecies.

6.  Holstein Cow

Here’s another awesome animal which is among the most expensive animals ever sold. It is sold at the amount of $1.2 million. 

This Holstein cow was a prize-winning dairy producer and a prolific breeder. She was sold in 2009 along with her offspring and embryos. She had a record of producing 50% more milk than the average Holstein cow.

Holstein cow is one of the oldest forms of agriculture, with evidence suggesting that it began around 10,000 years ago in the Middle East. The prices of Holstein cows can also change based on factors such as breed, age, and specific attributes. 

High-quality dairy or beef cattle with desirable genetic traits are sold at premium prices at livestock auctions, just like the Holstein cow. The cost of a farm cow is influenced by its breed, health, reproductive history, and sometimes it shows a breeding potential. 

Breeds known for superior milk production or high-quality beef, like Holsteins or Angus, can demand higher prices due to its economic impact. Also, cows with proven genetics for desirable traits may be sold at a premium for breeding purposes. 

7. Double Diamond Sheep (Texel Sheep)

Double Diamond is a Texel sheep, known for its distinctive appearance and genetics. Texel sheep are a breed originating from the island of Texel in the Netherlands, and they are prized for their meat quality.

Double Diamond gained attention for its remarkable genetic traits, particularly in muscle development. The price of Texel sheep (Double Diamond), is influenced by their genetics, size, and conformation. Texel sheep are often sold for breeding purposes to improve the overall quality of a flock.

The specific history of the first purchase of Texel sheep (Double Diamond) was sold in Lanark, Scotland, for $550k in August 2020. Texel sheep have been bred and traded for many years, with various breeders contributing to the development of the breed.

The high value of Texel sheep (Double Diamond), is often tied to their genetics, specifically their ability to produce lambs with desirable meat characteristics.

8. Diamond Fish (Pink Star Diamond Flowerhorn Cichlid)

Here is another great option from our lists of the most expensive animals ever sold. The ancient civilizations, particularly the Chinese and Romans, were among the first to keep ornamental fish in captivity for aesthetic purposes.

The “Pink Star Diamond Flowerhorn Cichlid” represents a category of exotic and highly valued ornamental fish. Specific transactions involving these fish may vary, but notable sales in the aquarium trade have sold a diamond fish at the price of $140,000.

The allure of “Pink Star Diamond Flowerhorn Cichlids” lies in their vibrant colors, distinctive patterns, and unique appearance. These traits, combined with rarity and specific desirable characteristics, contribute to their high value in the aquarium trade. 

Fish lovers and business tycoons are willing to pay a premium for these extraordinary fish to enhance their aquariums and appreciate the beauty and uniqueness they bring.

9. Pigeon (Armando)

Pigeons have a long history of domestication, counting back over thousands of years, pigeons were used for communication, particularly during times of war, and later gained popularity in racing and exhibition.

The domestication of pigeons for various purposes likely occurred in ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt, where they were sold for their ability to carry messages.

“Armando” is among the most expensive racing pigeons ever sold. In March 2019, a Chinese buyer known as “Super Duper” acquired Armando for over $1.4 million. The high price reflected Armando’s exceptional racing pedigree and breeding potential, making him a prized asset in the competitive world of pigeon racing.

10. Giant Stag Beetle

Here is another great option to consider if you are looking for the most expensive animal ever sold, giant stag beetles belonging to the insect order Coleoptera, it has been part of the most expensive animal for millions of years. It was first sold in Japan at $90,000. 

People have kept giant stag beetles as pets in some cultures, particularly in Japan, where they are popular pets. Some rare and unique beetles, such as those with unusual coloration or size, can be sold for high prices ranging from $120,000 to $200,000.

The rarity and distinct features of certain giant stag beetles contribute to their high value. Traders and lovers of giant stag beetles may be willing to pay premium fees for this particular beetle. The high demand for giant stag beetles in Japan plays a role in driving up the prices in the market.

Important Tips To Know Before Buying The Most Expensive Animal Ever Sold 

1. Before buying the most expensive animal, whether for companionship, breeding, or prestige, you should ensure to comply with local, national, and international laws. 

2. Avoid supporting illegal wildlife trade, and be cautious of transactions involving endangered or protected species. Don’t forget to verify the legitimacy of the transaction and the ethical sourcing of the animal if you are considering buying the most expensive animal ever sold. 

3. It is important to request comprehensive health records and genetic history of the animal you want to acquire. Be aware of any potential hereditary issues that may affect the animal’s well-being.

4. You should also understand the full cost of ownership, including initial purchase price, ongoing care, veterinary expenses, and potential unforeseen costs. Consider obtaining pet insurance to cover potential medical expenses and ensure the long-term well-being of the animal.


The horse named Fusaichi Pegasus is the most expensive horse ever sold and also the most expensive animal ever sold. It was sold at $70 million in the year 2000. He is still alive and resides at Ashford Stud in Kentucky, where he continues to breed with mares.

Fusaichi Pegasus was the most expensive because he was a champion racehorse who won the Kentucky Derby and several other prestigious races. He also had a rare pedigree and a promising breeding potential.

Also, the Tibetan Mastiff is the most expensive dog ever sold for $1.95 million in China in the year 2014, but it is not a suitable pet for everyone. It is a rare and beautiful breed of dog that has a rich history and cultural significance.

In all, do not forget to obtain references, reviews, or testimonials from previous buyers before buying the most expensive animal ever sold.

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